Mythic Golf


Co-Lead GAme Designer, UI/Camera Programmer

LiquidBit Games

In development using Unreal Engine 5 for modern platforms, Mythic Golf is a character-based arcade golfing title, set in a multiverse of mystical worlds. Each realm’s grand champion has been summoned to compete in a grand tournament, facing off against each other in a variety of epic and beautiful courses. Champions have a variety of abilities summoned by drawing cards from their deck of power-ups, including greater accuracy, strength, spin, timing, wind adjustments, and the ability to drop down obstacles. Players can also draw abilities to attack enemies on the course to gain their treasure, or target other players, dealing damage cards into their own power-up decks. Over the course of 6 holes, your deck will grow with new cards as you collect gold to purchase new abilities, growing your champion into the ultimate duffer.

Responsible for designing the project in partnership with Josh DeBonis, creating gameplay systems and abilities, as well as designing the power-up card system. Additionally responsible for camera and UI engineering, implementing the game’s UI designs from Ika Dorta and creating a cinematic camera experience.