Location: Chicago, IL

Pronouns: They/Them

Hello! My name is Brice Puls. I’ve been working as a game developer for over a decade, designing games ranging from AAA experiences to small-team indie projects. I enjoy taking a project from its very beginnings all the way through to the final polishes, working in roles such as gameplay design, gameplay and UI programming, and QA/Certification Management.

I also design games and interactives for museums, educational institutions, conventions, and event activations, creating unique short-term experiences using a range of technologies, including large-format touchscreens, motion tracking, and AR/VR experiences.

Much of my free time is spent creating and organizing events in non-profit fields. Working with VGA Gallery and Bit Bash Chicago, we curate, design, and host gallery exhibitions, one-night events, and multi-day large-scale festivals, all with the goal of exposing and engendering the interactive arts to a wider community

Beyond all the work stuff, I love watching movies, reading, cycling, swimming, going to museums and art exhibitions, taking care of my fish, and enjoying a good sandwich.