Materials Science Create A Magnet


Solo Developer

Museum of Science And Industry

Developed for the Museum of Science and Industry’s Materials Science, in partnership with Northwestern University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, the Materials Science Magnet Maker is an interactive game, where players learn about the various elements that are used to create magnets. Players select what type of magnet they wish to make, then must select an element from the periodic table on the top screen they wish to experiment with. By dragging the element into the toxicity, hardness, and melting point testing areas, players can then examine their selection and determine if it is ideal for creation of their magnet.

The interactive is a networked experience, featuring two iPads mounted vertically. When players interact with the top iPad, their selected element drops down to the lower iPad, where they’re able to drag it around to the various testing zones.

UI Designed by Dogstudio. Responsible for gameplay design, development, and distribution.