Killer Queen Black


UI/Gameplay Programmer

LiquidBit Games

Released in 2019 for Mac, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and in 2020 for the Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna, Killer Queen Black is a 4v4 multiplayer action game, adapted from the hit arcade game Killer Queen. Players assume either the role of a Worker or a Queen, competing in a stage that offers 3 ways to win: a Military Victory, an Economic Victory, or a Snail Victory. The game features Ranked, Unranked, Offline, and Tutorial modes, Wireless Play on Nintendo Switch, matchmaking, voice chat, friends, and much more.

Engineered the UI experience for the game, implementing the menus, in-game UI, seamless loading screens, profiles and friends list, post-game results, tutorials, and more. Wrote a game-wide system to immediately update glyphs and controller-specific imagery based on last input device type used.

Additionally, wrote a custom dynamic music system, allowing music to perfectly sync between tracks, add additional layers based on gameplay events, and transition between UI interfaces.

Also contributed to various gameplay elements, including the ability to emote/react, choose different character skins, full controller remapping, and shader effects.