QA Lead/Additional Design

Young Horses Games

Bugsnax is a narrative adventure title released in 2020 for the Mac, PC, PS4, and PS5. Assuming the role of a journalist, the player journeys to Snaktooth Island, a mysterious place home to the newly-discovered creatures called Bugsnax. Upon arriving, the journalist learns the creature’s discoverer, Elizabert Megafig, is missing, and her fellow campmates have left home base, isolating themselves throughout the island. The player must meet these characters, catch Bugsnax, and bring them back to camp in order to solve the grand mystery of what happened to Elizabert, and even greater, what ARE Bugsnax?

Headed QA Testing, working on identifying bugs and exploits, assigning tasks and priorities to developers, assisting with narrative continuity, working through playtesting feedback, and assuring compliance with consoles.

Additionally, assisted with design, contributing functionality to various tools and Bugsnak behaviors, as well as creating the game’s core “sauce system,” used to attract Bugsnax to locations and objects.