Backlog: 5 Years Building the VGA Print Collection

September-December 2018

Exhibitions Manager/Co-Curator

VGA Gallery

Since 2013, VGA Gallery has collected two-dimensional prints related to significant works of video game art. To mark the five-year anniversary of our continually growing archive, this exhibition mixes the old and the new, and the local and the international, of video game art prints. Never presented as a substitution for the experience of real-time play, prints offer new ways of understanding video games in different contexts. Whether they document an artist’s process, capture a significant moment that might pass by quickly in live media, or look closely at the mechanics underneath the surface of games, prints expand and explode the concentrated storage of concepts and experiences packed into each game title.

The exhibition was hosted at VGA Gallery from September to December of 2018. Responsible for curation of digital and print work, writing of content, design of space, and installation of work in partnership with VGA co-founder Chaz Evans.