Weather to Climate: Our Changing World Exhibit Interactives

Lead Developer/Designer

Developed for the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, these three interactives were developed in order to highlight various points of their exhibit Weather to Climate: Our Changing World. All three interactives run on touchscreens mounted to custom housing throughout the exhibit.

The first interactive, What Makes Weather, allows players learn more about the components of weather, select a type, and modify those components in order to achieve the desired weather effect, showing the the change of weather in real-time as the values are adjusted.

The second interactive, Create An Animal, teaches players about natural selection by allowing players to design their own creature, highlighting the various changes and issues that can face animals as their environment changes. Players are able to select from several different sizes, colors, coverings, appendages, and sensory organs, allowing for a great deal of variety.

The third interactive, Carbon Reducer, teaches players about the actions they can take in their own lives to reduce carbon output by allowing them to play a choose-your-own-adventure game with four different characters. Each character goes throughout their day including traveling to work, having lunch, having fun with a hobby, and going to bed. Players can make various choices regarding what their character should do, and see the results or consequences play out. Once complete, players can see their results, learn about why their choices are good or flawed, and go back to correct any poor choices.