Crown Royal NASCAR Activation


Designed for a touring NASCAR event promoting Crown Royal, these applications allowed users to take a green-screen photo of themselves in front of a variety of backdrops, or record a video message to "toast their hero." The photo booth collects a user’s name and e-mail, allows them to select from three different backgrounds, and takes their photo using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR camera. The video both collects the user's information, allows the to record and review their message, and then converts and e-mails it to their recipient.

Due to internet limitations of the venues, a back-end client was also developed that takes all unsent photos from the event, uploads them to a website, and automatically e-mails them to the user, where they can share them via a variety of social media options.

The front-end application was developed using Unity 3D, which connects to DSLR Remote Pro by Breezesys, using their DLL to capture, apply overlay, and the selected green-screen background. The back-end client is a Windows console application which uses FTP and a SMTP mail client to send a styled HTML e-mail to the user with their embedded photo.