Bit Bash Chicago

Co-founder/Logistics Coordinator

Founded in 2014, Bit Bash Chicago is a non-profit alternative interactive arts festival that seeks to promote games that highlight unique themes, feature new and inventive forms of interaction, or foster local community. Bit Bash throws a yearly festival at the end of summer, where over 1200 people come to enjoy games, eat local food, and celebrate the community. Responsibilities include venue discovery and management, equipment management, set-up and tear-down, game stations and logistics, and working with event partners and sponsors.

Previous events include:

  • Bit Bash 2014
  • Itty Bitty Bash
  • Bit Bash 2015
  • Bit Bash Pop-up Arcade: Yollocalli Teen Night
  • Bit Bash Pop-up Arcade: Neofuturnarium
  • Bit Bash Pop-up Arcade: MCA
  • Bit Bash Presents: Cool Jazz