80 at 80


Developed for the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, this iPad HTML5 kiosk was designed for the “80 At 80″ exhibit, commemorating the museum’s 80th anniversary. The exhibit features 80 artifacts from the museums history, including artifacts from previous museum exhibits, drawings and information from the museum’s construction and design, as well as representations of how technology has evolved since the museum’s inception. The kiosk was developed to display information from artifacts within the kiosk’s range, and is designed for reusability with future exhibits.

The kiosk has a back-end which allows exhibit designers to change an artifact’s name, image, and description on the fly via on-air updates, as well as a javascript file to change and order the artifacts for each display.The kiosk was developed using Hype software, with customized HTML and Javascript in order to allow for dynamic content and appearance customization. The application displays entirely using HTML5, ensuring future compatibility with various tablets and devices.